The Party live in or around the village of Dewhurst, which has recently been under attack threat from a growing number of strange creatures from the wilderness. The village lays on the edge of Ebron a cosmopolitan nation that used to push the boundaries of the wilderness in an attempt to tame it. In the last 100 years it has gone somewhat into decline, it no longer sponsors those who would explore further and is more inward faced.

Dewhurst has:

A slightly rundown Inn: Rampant Pegasus
Innkeeper – Martin and his family

A general supplies store: Grannies General Goods
Run by “Granny” a kindly but sharp eyed Halfling woman

A grubby wizard/alchemists:
Owned by Cornelius, an old, slightly senile wizard who produces some scrolls, potions and has an interest in magical goods.

Blacksmith and Armourers:
Run by Andre and Son

Village hall:

Village square and Fountain:
30ft square with a 10ft fountain in the middle of it, the fountain hasn’t flowed properly in a few years.

Druid and Priests of Melora, Pelor and Avandra. The temple has a small herb garden attached to it where it grows a small number of medicinal herbs.

A small number of other houses and huts that the members of the village live in, there are a couple of farmsteads nearby, a hunting lodge at the edge of the forest used by the woodsmen and hunters when they go foraging in the woods.

Nearby –

A faerie ring of mushrooms and other plants, rumoured to be a potential portal to the Faewild.

A large mountain a day’s travel away with a cave system , along the way to mountains there is a natural waterfall.

A small estuary from a much larger river the flows from the centre of Ebron

An old mine that is still worked by a small group of dwarves, it hasn’t output very much in recent years.

The unexplored, beyond the woods.

A few days travel away the lord’s manor, A Lord Patlious, more concerned with his own wealth than looking after the villages supposedly under his protection.


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